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Does It really work?

“So, I learned about VLM through GEHA, I was skeptical of weight loss programs online. I just thought it wouldn’t be tailored for me. I’m so limited to what I can do as far as exercise, but I just focused on what can I still do…VLM, it really fit my personal needs because I could do this all from my own home. It’s simple, just online and encourages you to exercise a little bit more and just be aware of what you eat. I lost about 35 pounds in VLM, and I just feel so much freer.”

- Jim F., Covina, CA. 35 pounds lost

How will I benefit from VLM?

"I used to dread going to the doctor because I knew I was going to get a lecture. I was sick; didn’t know it. When I went on VLM, I was 295 and went down to 216. Through thick and thin, I’ve kept 60 pounds off...It’s been 5 years of normal A1C. Being healthy is a special gift. And I have so many of my contemporaries who aren’t healthy now because they didn’t benefit from a program like this.”

- John S., Rogue River, OR. 80 pounds lost

What would I be doing if I join the program?

“My wife and I wanted to lose weight, but all the programs we’d been through before weren’t really that effective. I started to realize at the very beginning of being on the program, that it was very well designed. The tips that they give you are very practical. Plus the coach that you’re assigned from the very beginning is great.”

- Frank F., Cypress CA. 30 pounds lost

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